Lean Implementation


Lean Culture Implementation

Implementing Lean Processes is a journey not a destination. It takes leadership to make it successful in ultimately becoming interwoven into the fabric of your continuous improvement culture. Many people connect Lean to manufacturing and don’t realize the application these processes have on any area of business. There are effective tools with direct application to Sales, Accounting, IT and Quality. My team of consultants and I have improved processes in each of these areas using Lean methodologies.

My Lean journey began with my first SMED kaizen in 1996. Since then, I have become proficient in a full suite of Lean Tools, training in Japan twice and receiving certification through Shingijutsu Top Japan Training. Utilizing this skill, I have chartered and led hundreds of results producing kaizens. This combined with my ability to work with diverse resources in numerous industries makes SPL the perfect choice. If you are looking to run an individual kaizen and begin or enhance your current Lean Culture, SPL Consulting can be the partner you are looking for as your Lean journey unfolds.

Lean Training and Kaizens

SPL Consulting along with our network of additional Lean Experts can service multiple corporate locations as a whole or with an individual facility that need focus. Our services include a comprehensive and practical approach to implementing a Lean Culture. We link this initiative to Strategic Planning, creating a visual Daily Management Process, and introducing a unique approach to sustaining results achieved through kaizens. We conduct customized training on Lean Tools and lead focused, results oriented kaizens in the following areas:

5S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain). A well maintained and organized work place is the backbone of establishing sound Lean processes.

SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die). SMED is the most common Lean Tool used to reduce changeover or set up time.

VRK ( Variation Reduction Kaizen). VRK is most commonly used to focus on waste reduction. This tool focuses on identifying “noises” in the process and developing solutions to reduce or eliminate it, thus reducing waste.

TPI (Transactional Process Improvement). TPI focuses on the transactional side of the business. Functions such as Customer Service, Accounting and Quality systems are common applications for this tool.

SW (Standard Work). It is a natural result of a kaizen and creates a repeatable series of tasks.

Kanban. Inventory management process using customer demand to trigger production orders and reduce inventory levels.

LSW (Leader Standard Work). LSW is the glue critical to making all other initiatives sustainable. Without changing the daily habits of those responsible for implementing the change, processes will likely drift back to the "way it was always done."

DM (Daily Management). This tool provides daily visibility of performance and can establish accountability from entry level through senior management.

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